The growth of your organization is directly and proportionately tied to the growth of your people. Investing in your employees provides a huge return on your investment, such as increased employee morale and confidence, customer satisfaction, sales, productivity and profitability. Wouldn’t it be great to provide training to your employees that they actually enjoy attending and want more of? That is exactly what we offer: incredibly powerful, yet fun and entertaining seminars so your employees will enjoy the experience and retain what they learn.


Here are some video clips of Brad in action

Exceeding Customer Expectations
Organizations can no longer have the goal of meeting the customer’s expectations; the goal today must be to exceed them. What does that look like from the customer’s perspective? This seminar is not only very powerful, but very fun as well and is always the highest rated seminar at any event Brad attends.

Turning Managers into LeadersThe world is full of “managers” but we have very few great “leaders.” If your employees are not doing the things you have been asking them to do, you may be part of the problem. This incredibly eye-opening seminar is life changing because it will give you the tools, awareness and insight to change the way you lead and motivate your employees.

How to Coach Your Employees, Peers or SupervisorThis seminar provides leaders with the tools to communicate more effectively so people do not feel dictated to. Leaders don’t have to have all the answers; they just need to know how to actively listen and ask great questions. This seminar is also incredibly important if you lead people under 40 years of age.

Return on Investment (ROI):

Investing in employee training does predict a firm’s future total shareholder return (TSR): Firm’s that were in the top quarter of the study group (those who invested the most in employee training), enjoyed 24% higher profit margins, 218% higher income per employee, and 26% higher price-to-book ratios. Firms in the top half of the study group had a total shareholder return 86% higher than that of firms in the bottom half, and 45% higher than the market average. An increase of $680 in a firm’s training expenditure per employee generates, on average, a 6% improvement in total shareholder return the following year.

Source: Training and Development Magazine

Employee Retention:

35% of employees who don’t receive regular training, plan to look for another job within 12 months. But just 16% of those with good training expect to jump ship. Among employees who say their company offers poor training, 41% plan to leave within a year, vs. only 12% of those who rate available training as excellent. The same survey pegs the cost of losing a typical worker at $50,000.

Source: Emerging Workforce Study – International Services and Louis Harris & Associates

Increased Training = Profits:

68% of those companies that increased training budgets at the same time as workforce cuts, reported a jump in profits, while only 42% of those who did not increase training reported a profit increase. As for increases in productivity, 44% of those who increased training budgets reported an increase compared to only 29% of those that did not increase training. After a year, the numbers were even more convincing. Those who increased training budgets reported that 80% had a jump in profits and 70% reported increased productivity. The numbers were 46% and 41%, respectively, for those that kept training budgets the same.

Source: “Corporate Anorexia,” Training – American Management Association