Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching


If you want to get in shape faster, you hire a personal trainer. If you want to lose weight faster, you hire a personal weight-loss coach. If you want to change your life or career faster, you hire a personal coach. The Focus Coaching System is a unique combination of coaching and consulting. We assist you with attaining all of your goals. When it comes to change, it is human nature to lose focus and revert back to old habits because they are more familiar to you (even if they are not good for you). It is critical that business leaders are coached through the process of un-learning old habits, and creating positive new ones; and that is our expertise!


Coaching will help you achieve your goals much faster and with less stress – it delivers results. It is a partnership that accelerates learning, performance, and progress. It is an opportunity to deepen your learning by facilitating clarity and self-discovery and then turning it into focused action. We become your partner and champion for success.


A study conducted in 1997 concluded that follow-up coaching combined with leadership training, increased productivity by an astounding 88%. The same study concluded that training alone increased productivity by 22%. Bottom line: coaching increased productivity more than 300% over training alone.

    • Gain clarity
    • Increase energy
    • Unleash passion
    • Remove obstacles
    • Tap inner wisdom
    • Increase well-being
    • Launch new projects
    • Take effective actions
    • Discover what’s next
    • Access personal power
    • Learn to enjoy life more
    • Bring balance to your life
    • Achieve breakthrough results
    • Make changes and transitions
    • Go beyond previous limitations
    • Increase ability to trust and risk
    • Increase satisfaction and fulfillment
    • Increased confidence and self-esteem
    • Become more focused and organized
    • Develop more effective personal habits
    • Increased effectiveness and productivity
    • Build supportive structures and relationships

Here is what some of Brad’s valued clients have to say:

“Having Brad coach me has been one of the best investments in myself and my business that I have ever made. I have explored my “12 areas of life” in Brad’s coaching system for the first time and achieved measurable results.”

Pam – Company President

“Brad’s 30 years of business experience, combined with his innovative coaching system, has redefined my goals and put me back on course for the future. He has been able help reduce my stress, plus keep me focused on what is important in my life including relationships, health, and financial goals .”

Tim – Small Business Owner

“All these years in business I didn’t think there was anything left to learn, boy was I wrong. Brad kept me sane and centered as well as reaching for new heights not only for my business but in my personal life too. I have found myself more productive, organized, and much more at peace with the direction I am going.”

Jennifer – Company CEO

“Brad Worthley provokes thought. During our conversations I found him questioning “why” on many issues and I would be lacking an answer. We would then discuss the subject and I found myself with all new approaches, ways of thinking, and perspectives. He provides great tools and feedback that make you take a step back and evaluate yourself. He facilitates change to create a better and more efficient work environment for not just you, but for your co-workers through your actions. I’ve always considered myself a student of life. The only difference now is that I’ve had a really great teacher.”

Niki – Client Service Manager

“I found Brad’s coaching to be extremely helpful. He worked with me on setting goals each week. He provided an open ear and helped me through some difficult situations. Brad worked with me to set up a plan to maintain a better work/life balance and although my workload hasn’t changed, I feel less stressed and a lot happier. The time with Brad was well spent!”

Heidi – Corporate Account Manager

“Coaching; why me? That is what I thought at first when the company I work for introduced a training program involving a professional coach. I anticipated being pushed and prodded into some corporate structure’s idea of what a manager should be. As it would turn out, Brad, as my coach, was there to help me, help myself. Through dialogue and time, Brad helped me to understand different perspectives, different approaches to situations and gave me chance to share what was really on my mind. He was always available, flexible, easy to talk to, and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to flourish professionally.”

Tasha – Corporate Account Manager

“It has been my privilege to work with Brad Worthley. The complexity and the challenge of my work began to dominate every facet of my life and my personal health and relationships were suffering. With Brad’s help I have been able to see how to forge alliances within my corporation, gain consensus with more ease, and have a healthier perspective of my job. Along with his counsel, he provided an array of tools that facilitated better time management which has led to a more balanced life.”

Krista – School Director