Are you looking to take your training and presentation delivery skills to the next level? Do you want to become the Master Trainer that inspires positive change in your audience?

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Whether you’re leading a corporate training session or teaching a class, inspiring your trainees is essential to helping them learn and grow.

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to Improve Your Skills

As a training professional, you know that there’s always room for improvement. You want to become a better trainer, to connect with your audience on a deeper level, and to inspire them to achieve their goals.

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but That is Not an Option, So What Now?

It’s time to take action and invest in yourself by enrolling in the Master Trainer Certificate program from BWI Learning.

Our program is designed to help you become the master trainer who can engage and motivate any audience.

You’ll learn proven strategies for handling inattentive or disruptive attendees and improving attention and retention. You’ll also discover how to focus your training on the root problems and become a commanding and confident presenter.

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Our three-day program is a must for anyone in a training role or who aspires to be a trainer and motivator of people.

Learn the art and science of being a powerful and engaging presenter through one of the top training programs in the world.

During the program, you’ll discover the five phases of a seminar’s framework, and gain greater comfort and confidence as a training expert. We’ll show you how to make your training sessions more impactful and engaging, and teach you how to focus on the “problems” and not just the “symptoms.” Plus, you’ll learn why PowerPoint can actually inhibit learning and destroy presentations, and how to avoid these common mistakes.

At the end of the program, you’ll come away with a deep understanding of how to become a commanding and confident presenter who inspires your audiences to make positive changes in their lives and careers. You’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to make a real impact on your trainees’ lives.

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Unlock the secrets to delivering a captivating seminar using the five phases of a framework.

Gain greater confidence as a training expert, so you can stand out in any room.

Discover how to handle difficult attendees and keep your audience engaged.

Learn eight proven strategies for improving attention and retention and keeping your trainees hooked.

Uncover the hidden dangers of using PowerPoint in your presentations and how to avoid them.

Find out how to focus your training on the root problems, so you can deliver real results.

Master the art of “Idea Mapping” to make sure you’re delivering the right content with the right level of detail.

Taking your training skills to the next level is as easy as…

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To start your journey towards developing your team’s customer service skills and becoming an excellent leader, we invite you to fill in the form below with your contact details and preferred availability, so that we can schedule a time to connect with you and discuss all the necessary details.

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We understand that everyone has different schedules and needs, which is why we give you the freedom to choose when and where you want to attend. Whether you want to attend in-person, virtually, or on-site we can make it happen.

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Once you complete the program, you’ll receive your certificate and be equipped with the skills and knowledge to make a real impact on your trainees’ lives and careers.


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