Many owners and managers are so busy working “in” the business that they don’t spend enough time working “on” the business. Not being well-planned is the kiss of death in any organization. Taking time to remove yourself from the business for planning is critical, whether it is quarterly retreats or annual strategic planning sessions. “I hope next year is better“ is not a strategic plan, yet business owners and managers often rely on “hope” and not enough on a solid plan. Having us facilitate your next planning meeting will change the path of your business dramatically. As professional facilitators, our goal is to get you from where you are today to where you need to be in the shortest amount of time. We make the process easy!

We can also assist individual departments or locations with creating a strategic plan that supports the overall vision of the organization, and focuses energy on their specific goals or challenges. This process can also be used for departments or locations that are struggling and need professional assistance to help them become successful. We can facilitate:

    • Conflict resolution
    • Leadership retreats
    • Strategic planning sessions
    • Department or location planning meetings

Here is what some of Brad’s valued clients have to say:

“It has been my pleasure to have had the opportunity to work closely with Brad Worthley over that last five years. Brad was very instrumental in assisting us in developing new Value, Mission, and Vision statements to help guide us into the future. Brad also provided our management team a Leadership Development Program and refining our Customer Service mission for the entire staff. Customer Service Comments and Shopper reports improved following Brad’s training. Also our employee surveys have improved over the last year which we feel that we can attribute to Brad’s efforts. Lastly these last two years we were nominated by our employees and selected by Puget Sound Business Journal as one of Puget Sound’s Best Workplaces. I strongly feel that Brad’s contributions help us received this prestige recognition.”

Russell Steele , Former CEO
Clearwater Casino

“Brad Worthley has worked with the Nisqually Red Wind Casino since July 2008 and has provided exceptional service to the management staff in a professional, efficient and very engaging manner. Brad guided us through an employee survey, facilitated our strategic planning session; including our Vision and Mission Statement, Core Values, and Unique Differentiating Factor that allowed us to re-focus our effort to serve the business at an elevated level. In addition, he also guided our leadership group through in-depth leadership training and our workforce through understanding the nuances of excellent customer service with formal classes and small group sessions. We do not hesitate to highly recommend Brad Worthley for any engagement you may consider to improve the quality of leadership and customer service in your organization.”

Quinton Boshoff, Former General Manager
Nisqually Red Wind Casino

“When we engaged Brad to help us launch a new guest service program several years ago, we knew we were working with a high-level motivational speaker, but we weren’t yet aware of the lasting impression he would leave on our organization. Brad infuses his presentations with humor, anecdotes, and insight, allowing him to captivate his audience and easily communicate the message at hand. Brad’s energy is contagious, and he quickly builds rapport with all levels of staff. Our associates were equipped with practical, relevant tools which they could immediately put to use – and which have become an important part of our culture. Whether you want to infuse new life into your organization, or you need help instituting a cultural change, Brad has the experience and skills necessary to help realize your vision.”

John Setterstrom, Former General Manager
Lucky Eagle Casino