Employee Surveys

Employee Surveys

It has been repeatedly proven that high employee advocacy is directly related to high customer advocacy, which is also directly related to high profitability. If employees are not happy in their work environment, then it will more than likely impact the customer experience and profits. It is important to measure employee advocacy as an ongoing metric.

Great Leaders = High Employee Advocacy = High Customer Advocacy = High Profitability

Employee surveys are an opportunity to take a look at your organization from the employee’s perspective. We will anonymously survey all employees with an easy to use custom designed on-line questionnaire. Questions can be designed to evaluate employee satisfaction with their jobs, work environment, products & services, management, policies, procedures, customer service and many other areas. We have a great way to introduce the survey process to the employees in order to reduce their anxiety and increase their participation. Our customers have experienced employee participation of up to 95% with our process.

Taking the time to survey employees will provide you with valuable information with which to guide your organization and train your leadership. There may be underlying problems in the organization that employees are aware of, and that someone in mid-management may be unaware of, masking, or sugar-coating. When it comes to training, if the employees have any underlying anxiety about company policies or procedures, they will be more difficult to train. If employees perceive hypocrisy or favoritism from management, it can also reduce the effectiveness of training, because these are huge de-motivators. One of the top motivators of employees is simply listening to them. By performing employee surveys annually, it sends the message that you value their opinion and are open to their feedback.


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