Sales, Service, Leadership & Motivation
The growth of your organization is directly and proportionately tied to the growth of your people. Investing in your employees provides a huge return on your investment, such as increased employee morale and confidence, customer satisfaction, sales, productivity and profitability. Wouldn’t it be great to provide training to your employees that they actually enjoy attending and want more of? Read More
Service Standards, Service Culture & Mystery Shopping
Our founder, Brad Worthley, started his first business in 1975 and has created seven successful companies since then – he knows business! There are many aspects to running a successful business and it is hard to be an expert in all of them. The first lesson in business is to know when you need help and to not be afraid to ask for Read More
Strategic Planning, Retreats & Conflict Resolution
Many owners and managers are so busy working “in” the business that they don’t spend enough time working “on” the business. Not being well-planned is the kiss of death in any organization. Taking time to remove yourself from the business for planning is critical, whether it is quarterly retreats or annual strategic planning sessions. “I hope next year is better“ Read more
Sales, Service, Leadership, Motivation & Business
We offer incredibly powerful keynote speeches to corporations, organizations, associations, tribes and educational institutions. They are customized to fit each client’s specific needs and industry, so we will be speaking the same language. Keynote speeches are not only about great content, but great entertainment as well. There is no one better at connecting with the audience and creating an entertainment Read more

Leadership Coaching & Individual Development
If you want to get in shape faster, you hire a personal trainer. If you want to lose weight faster, you hire a personal weight-loss coach. If you want to change your life or career faster, you hire a personal coach. The Focus Coaching System is a unique combination of coaching and consulting. We assist you with attaining Read more

Sales, Service, Leadership & Developmental
We can take the pain out of the hiring process and help you put the right people in the right job the first time. We offer incredible sales, customer service and leadership pre-employment evaluations that are easy to use and inexpensive. Fact: Ninety-five percent of job applicants are willing to falsify resumes or lie to get a job. That is ..Read more

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Creating and Sustaining Excellent Leadership Cultures

“BWI Learning Center” Train-Test-Track-24/7

Training That Results in Extraordinary Careers And Lives!

Who is Brad? Brad Worthley is an accomplished business consultant with over 44 years of management experience. He is also an internationally acclaimed leadership, customer service and motivational expert who has trained hundreds of thousands of people in a wide range of industries throughout the world since 1991. He has authored four books and produced numerous training videos and audio programs with experts such as Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, John Maxwell and others. Brad is always the highest rated speaker at any event in which he presents at and is best known for his signature session titled “Exceeding Customer Expectations” which is the title of his first book. This session was voted as one of the top two keynotes in the world.

Who is Melanie? Melanie Worthley spent 42 years as Vice President of Office Operations for a large national wholesale distributor where she retired in 2013. Her passion was hiring the best and training employees to exceed customer expectations. Upon her retirement, her company created a customer service award program named after Melanie, which is awarded to an outstanding employee each year. Melanie now works and travels with Brad as a critical part of the organization, with the title CFO (Chief Fun Officer), which suits her perfectly!


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Our pre-employment evaluations are not about keeping prospective employees from getting a job, it is about getting them into the right job for their skill set to ensure their success.