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Receive a copy of The Excellent Leader Workbook, created with the intention of assisting you in assessing your leadership abilities and pinpointing areas in need of improvement as you progress from being a proficient leader to achieving excellence.

Engaging, effective, and efficient learning experiences that deliver measurable results, tailored to the unique learning styles and needs of each Leader and Organization.

Engaging Learning

Our learning solutions are engaging, interactive, and effective, ensuring learners are fully immersed and invested in

Tailored Solutions

We tailor our solutions to each individual or team's specific styles, needs, and goals, ensuring maximum impact and results.

Measurable Results

We deliver measurable results using data-driven analysis and evaluation to demonstrate the progress and see the impact of


Invest in your employees and watch your organization grow with BWI Learning's comprehensive training solutions. Choose from our certificate programs, in-person training, virtual live training, on-demand learning, or custom training programs to provide your employees with engaging and effective learning experiences. Our expert trainers use innovative instructional design and cutting-edge technology to deliver powerful training that increases employee morale, customer satisfaction, sales, productivity, and profitability.


Can't find the training solution you need? Look no further than our Custom Training solutions. Work with our expert team of instructional designers and trainers to create customized learning solutions that meet your specific needs, ensuring that your organization achieves its unique goals.

Our Expertise

Presentation Mastery

With Presentation Mastery training individuals can take their presentation skills to the next level.

Customer Experience

With Customer Experience training organizations can improve their customer satisfaction rates and drive revenue growth.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is a comprehensive service designed to help organizations develop a clear and actionable roadmap to success.

Meeting Facilitation

With Meeting Facilitation, organizations can save time, reduce frustration, and achieve their desired outcomes.

Succession Strategies

Succession Strategies helps organizations mitigate risks associated with leadership transitions, retain top talent, and ensure business continuity.

Leadership Development

With Leadership Development, individuals can enhance their leadership abilities, improve their decision-making skills, and build stronger relationships with their team.

Clients Who Trust BWI Learning’s Expertise

At BWI Learning, we are proud to have worked with some of the most reputable and successful organizations in a variety of industries. We are committed to delivering exceptional training solutions that drive measurable results.

From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, we have the experience and expertise to meet the unique learning and development needs of any organization.

Native American Owned Businesses & Tribal Organizations

At BWI Learning, we are committed to supporting Native American-owned businesses and Tribal organizations in their training and development needs. Our team of experienced trainers and instructional designers work collaboratively with each community to create customized learning solutions that align with their unique cultural values and traditions.

Our lead in-person and virtual trainer David Miller, has over 20 years of training development and is a registered member of the Otoe Missouria Tribe and Cherokee heritage, we are better equipped than ever to serve the needs of Native communities. David’s expertise and cultural sensitivity allows us to provide even more effective and culturally responsive training solutions.

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